Our phones are now powerful enough to organise every aspect of our lives. It also doubles as our alarm clock, radio, and most importantly, our camera. The built-in cameras on the latest flagship devices are getting so powerful, that most of us don’t require digital cameras any longer. All we need to do, is point, shoot and post our creations.

Which is why the cameras on our smartphones are becoming a top priority for manufacturers. Flagship phones these days have incredibly competent cameras that are good enough to document everything you need them to. All you have to do is take the phone out of your pocket, snap, and upload, making them extremely convenient for capturing everyday life.

That leaves us with the big question. Which phone should you get, so you’ll never need to buy a camera ever again? Like all other subjective topics, there’s no one answer that fits all. All of the flagship phones today each have a special feature that sets them apart.

Ultimately, it all boils down to which design and operating system you prefer. Here are a couple of phones with the best cameras on the planet right now.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

If you’re willing to splurge on an Apple iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll get not one, but two cameras! This dual camera setup is seen on several other Android handsets, and is there for one reason only—to make your photos look as good as possible.

One camera is a 12MP telephoto lens (for shooting objects further away), while another is the standard 12MP found on the iPhone 7. When integrated, you get the ability to shoot with x 2 optical zoom, or create a “depth map”, which gives you to option to shoot photos with depth-of-field (with software assistance) you normally only get with more expensive camera rigs with interchangeable lens.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

In Samsung’s expansive stable of smartphones, the reigning photographic champions are the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, which let you take some incredible photographs.

The star here isn’t their 12MP sensor, their optical image stabilisation or their 1/2.5” sensor size, but their super bright f/1.7 aperture lens. It lets it an incredible amount of light, so you’re able to shoot beautifully lit photographs, even under low light.

A bright lens is something that we wish more manufacturers can give us, but for now, it can only be found on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Sony Xperia™ XZ

Here’s a fun fact for you: Most smartphones in the market purchase camera sensors from Sony, and rightly so because they make what are arguably the best camera sensors in the market right now.

Which is why you can only find the best Sony camera sensors in Sony’s latest and greatest mobile phones, like the new Sony Xperia™ XZ. This flagship phone features a massive 23MP 1/2.3 sensor, supported by a fairly bright f/2.0 lens, that produces colours that are incredibly accurate.

Avid phone videographers will also be thrilled to learn that it has 5-axis image stabilisation that delivers creamy smooth videos even in the heat of all the action you’re bringing the phone to. To help photographers with the shakiest of hands, the Xperia™ XZ has triple image sensing technology that enables you to capture crisp photos even in difficult lighting conditions.


The new HUAWEI P9 has some pretty impressive camera specs, which lets Leica comfortably lend this phone the use of its iconic Leica logo. While the camera was co-engineered with Leica, that’s not what is impressive about it.

What’s impressive about it, is that it was one of the first phones to feature two lens in a setup that’s different from that found on the iPhone 7 Plus. One camera captures photos in colour, while other other captures in monochrome.

This allows the P9’s unique merging algorithms to merge the wide range of colours from the RGB sensor, with the details from the monochrome sensor, into one beautiful, super sharp image.

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Each of these phones that we’ve featured have their respective strengths. The iPhones have incredibly powerful software assisted features, the S7s have the brightest apertures, the P9 has an additional camera dedicated to making images sharper, while the XZ has the latest cutting-edge imaging technology embedded. Whichever you choose, you know that you’re getting the phone that best suites your lifestyles.

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